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Findom, or “financial domination is a type of consensual adult power exchange relationship in which a submissive gives gifts or money to a dominant partner. This form of kink and BDSM practice has become popular in recent years, as it allows individuals to explore their desires, fantasies, and boundaries through mutual, consensual domination.

The Internet has made it easier for individuals to explore these kinds of relationships in a safe, secure environment. There are numerous findom websites where submissives and mistresses can meet to establish an online connection and explore their individual wants and needs. The best part of these sites is that they give users the chance to get to know each other a little better before entering into a formal relationship.

One of the most popular websites for finding a mistress or submissive is Fetlife. This site is unique in that it not only allows users to explore BDSM and kink but also provides a forum for users to discuss topics outside of the kink/BDSM realm. Fetlife also allows members to search for a specific type of relationship, making it easier to find someone who meets their specific needs.

For those looking for a more personal connection, there are sites like Findom Mansion that focus on creating a closer, more intimate connection between submissives and mistresses. On this site, users have the chance to create profiles and browse through the database to find someone who has similar interests and desires. In addition, the website also provides several chat/telephone lines, as well as virtual communities and forums where users can discuss their experiences and interact with others in the community.

Finally, there are websites such as Findom Nation that focus on connecting like-minded individuals to explore and share their individual desires and fantasies in a safe, respectful, and consensual environment. This website focuses on cultivating a sense of community and understanding among its members, providing resources, advice, and activities that can help strengthen the bonds between friends, lovers, and partners.

All in all, there are numerous findom websites available that give both submissives and mistresses the chance to explore their desires and form a deeper, more personal connection. These sites provide a safe, secure environment for users to explore the depths of BDSM and find the perfect match that meets their needs. Published here.

What are some basic rules and protocols for subs in a femdom relationship on Kik?

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When entering a FemDom (Female Dominance) relationship on the social media platform Kik, there are certain rules and protocols that must be taken into consideration and followed to ensure the safety, health, and satisfaction of all parties involved. Here are a few basic rules and protocols that should be followed.

First and foremost is consent. All activities should be mutually agreed upon by both the Domme (Female Dominant) and sub (Male submissive) prior to engaging in them, and each should still have the right to revoke consent at any time. The sub should also respect the limits set forth by the Domme.

The second rule is communication. Open and honest communication is paramount in any relationship, and it is especially so in this kind of relationship. Clear, honest communication establishes the trust and understanding required for a fulfilling FemDom relationship.

It is also necessary for both the Domme and the sub to set boundaries. The Domme should establish what activities will and will not be tolerated, as well as what punishment and rewards will be given for any desired behavior. Some activities may require a safeword to be provided by the sub before engaging in them.

The fourth rule is respect. Respect is of utmost importance and should be given to the Domme, as well as to the sub. The Domme should respect the sub’s wishes and should not ask him to do anything that he is not comfortable doing. The sub should also respect the Domme and treat her with respect, not as a superior but as an equal partner.

Lastly, it is important to establish and adhere to a schedule. A Domme’s responsibilities should be separated from her personal life, and a sub should understand the importance of keeping such commitments. To ensure that both parties are happy and fulfilled, it is important that both parties show up on time and adhere to the schedule that has been agreed upon.

If both the Domme and the sub abide by these rules and protocols, a healthy, fulfilling, and successful FemDom relationship can be achieved. When entering into such a relationship, each party should be aware of what roles they are expected to take on and should work together to mutually meet the needs of both parties.

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