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When it comes to chastity, a Femdom Mistress must always balance her own desires with the needs of her submissive to ensure both parties are content with the arrangement. The Mistress will take into account all aspects of the situation to create a healthy and satisfactory agreement between the two of them that both parties will be happy with.

It is important for the Mistress to have a clear understanding of what it is her submissive wants from the chastity arrangement and to make sure she is aware of the limitations of the agreement. For example, some submissives may be looking for a simple chastity device to wear that allows them some relief but restricts any sexual activity. Other submissives may desire more extreme measures such as a steel chastity belt with an intricate padlock design or something that completely cuts off access to their genitals. Each situation is different and the Mistress must work to encompass the desires of her submissive in a way that works for both of them.

The Mistress should also consider the duration of the chastity arrangement and how to keep it from becoming too repetitive or boring. This could mean introducing different toys or props into play, or taking turns as the dominant and submissive, to keep it interesting and keep the fire burning. She may also want to consider how to reward the submissive for their submission and obedience, possibly with a physical reward or by giving them a break from the chastity device. Whatever the case may be, the Mistress should make sure to come up with a plan that keeps both parties happy and satisfied.

In addition to all of this, the Mistress must remember to practice safe and consensual play. She should check in with the submissive on a regular basis to ask how they feel about the agreement and if they need anything else. This type of dynamic requires an open and honest dialogue between the two of them so that the Mistress can better understand the needs of the submissive and they can create an arrangement that works for both of them.

Chastity can be an incredibly powerful tool when done right, and when a Mistress is able to find the right balance between her personal desires and the submissive’s needs, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved. The Mistress should always be sure to keep her desires within the established boundaries and take into account the wants and needs of the submissive so that they can find a harmonious agreement that satisfies both parties. Original source.

Are there any cultural or historical precedents for femdom joi?

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When it comes to femdom joi, cultural and historical precedents have long existed, but have received far less attention than they deserve. The concept of ‘joi’, a kink where one partner is the dominant and the other the submissive, has a long and varied history in various cultures and societies around the world.

The ancient Greek and Roman cultures were particularly fond of dominatrix/submissive relationships, with the erotic arts of ‘teasing’ and domination being popular activities. In fact, there is evidence of these practices being included in some of the oldest and most famous works of literature. The famous Greek poet Hesiod wrote about the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of love, being ‘held beneath the knees of Zeus and forced into pleasure’.

Similarly, the ancient Egyptian practices of ritual domination have been documented in both artwork and literary sources. A notable example being the goddess Isis being tied up on a throne while the pharaoh Amenhotep III was performing the act of veneration in her honor.

Fast forwarding a few centuries to the 1500s, we can find evidence of femdom joi in the court of Catherine de Medici. She was known to take part in playful domination sessions with her courtly ladies in waiting, and was notorious for wearing exotic masks and clothing as she engaged in these almost theatrical proceedings.

Even in more recent decades, femdom joi has undeniable cultural and historical antecedents. The practice of BDSM (Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, and Sadism and Masochism) continues to gain more traction in wider popular culture as its stigma slowly ebbs away. Outside of the comfort of private spaces, femdom joi can now be openly practiced in events and clubs all over, whereupon individuals can explore the potential of consensual dominance with the necessary safety and security.

In sum, the concept of femdom joi is certainly not a new one, and is deeply entwined with some of the most iconic literature, artwork, fashion and cultural trends from civilizations across the globe. As the social stigma continues to be eroded, we can embrace the joys of consensual domination that has been present throughout the ages.

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