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What are the typical rules that Chinese femdoms set for their chastity slaves?

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The Chinese culture has, for centuries, represented the traditional practice of femdom—a powerful yet delicate relationship between a dominant woman and her submissive male slave. In the modern day, Chinese femdom has taken on a different form, with many practitioners now leveraging online tools and social media to expand their relationships with their slaves. Femdom, by its very nature, is a set of rules and expectations that both the mistress and slave must adhere to in order for the relationship to thrive.

In Chinese femdom, it is customary for the dominant woman to set a set of strict rules for her chastity slave to follow. These rules vary from mistress to mistress and are completely customizable based on the desires and needs of both parties. However, there are certain common guidelines that follow the classic femdom practices.

First and foremost, the mistress must have complete and total control of her chastity slave. This means that the slave is not allowed any contact with any other women without their mistress’s explicit permission. In order to achieve this, the mistress will often require that her slave wear a chastity device at all times. Additionally, the mistress will also set a strict timeline regarding when the chastity device may be removed.

Along with controlling their slave’s contact with other women, Chinese femdoms will also restrict the types of activities that the slave is allowed to do. Slaves are not permitted to take part in any kind of intimate activities without their mistress’s permission. This often includes masturbation and sexual contact of any kind. Additionally, slaves are expected to accompany their mistress to any special occasions, such as parties or dinner dates, unless specifically instructed otherwise by their mistress.

Another typical rule that Chinese femdoms will set for their chastity slaves is to pay tribute and offer compliments regularly. Femdom relationships are built on the foundation of respect and admiration for the mistress. As such, the slave should always speak in a loving and respectful manner towards their mistress, always seeking to please and serve her.

Finally, the slave must be willing to devote a significant amount of time to serving the needs of their mistress. This could be anything from running errands for the mistress, to engaging in any activity she deems pleasurable or necessary for her wellbeing.

In conclusion, Chinese femdoms generally adhere to a set of rules when it comes to caring for and controlling their chastity slaves. These rules include controlling access to other women, restricting intimate activities, maintaining respectful communication, and providing necessary service to the mistress. Of course, each femdom-slave relationship is unique, and the rules set may be modified or adjusted as needed to suit the needs and desires of the mistress and slave.

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