What are the different types of foot play that can be enjoyed with a dominant with the best feet?

Foot play can be a platform for enjoyment between Dominants and submissives. It can involve a broad spectrum of activity which range from tickling and massaging to more serious activities such as bondage. With the best feet, this kind of play can be enjoyed to its fullest extent. Below are some of the different types of foot play that can be enjoyed when incorporating a Dominant with the best feet.


Tickling is a popular form of foot play which could involve both the Dominant and submissive taking turns tickling each other’s feet. This could be done with feather ticklers or with hands. It is a way of exploring the body while providing enjoyment and can be a great way to warm up for more intense activities.

Foot Massage

A foot massage is a great way for the Dominant to show their appreciation for the submissive and it can bring pleasure and relaxation to them. This can take on many forms, from using a massage oil to using massage tools. It is up to the Dominant how to best use their feet to provide a foot massage that the submissive will appreciate and enjoy. Not only is a foot massage an intimate activity, but it can result in a deep sense of trust, allowing the Submissive to trust in the Dominant further.


Spanking can be a great way of enjoying foot play with a Dominant if the Submissive is into this kind of activity. In a spanking scenario, the Submissive’s feet could be used to administer the punishment that the Dominant wishes to give, using hands or implements such as spanking paddles. Spanking could be used as a punishment or simply as an enjoyable activity.

Sensual Foot Worship

For those who enjoy worshipping feet, it is a great way to honour and please the Dominant. Foot worship can involve adoring and giving attention to the Dominant’s feet, such as massaging or licking them. It can also involve tickling or touching them in ways that please the Dominant. The Submissive has to be willing to show that they are devoted to meeting the Dominant’s expectations.

Foot Bondage

Bondage can be used with foot play and can involve restraining the Submissive’s feet in various ways. This could be done using ropes or cuffs and the Dominant can explore the Submissive’s feet in whatever way they wish. Foot bondage may be used to provide a sense of helplessness and submission and can bring a great level of trust and pleasure to the experience.

Foot licking

Another form of foot play is foot licking, which can involve the Submissive licking and kissing the Dominant’s feet. This can be a way to show their devotion and obedience to the Dominant and can be a very intimate and enjoyable activity for both parties. Not only does it provide pleasure and submission, but it can also be a powerful experience that will create a deep bond between the Dominant and Submissive.


In summary, foot play with a Dominant with the best feet can provide a great platform for enjoyment and trust to be built. By using the Dominant’s feet, there are many different ways to approach the activity, such as tickling, massage, spanking, sensual foot worship, foot bondage and foot licking. Depending on the situation and desires of both parties, the Dominant and Submissive have the freedom to choose which kind of footplay to explore and to enjoy to its fullest extent. Original source

How do mistresses in cam ensure client privacy during and after a session?

One of the biggest concerns in a mistress in cam session is ensuring client privacy during and after the session. As a mistress in cam, you have to take the proper steps to protect not only yourself but also your client’s privacy. The last thing you want is for your client’s personal information to become public or to be used in an inappropriate way. Luckily, there are several easy steps you can take to ensure client privacy is maintained during and after your cam session.

The first step is to make sure you discuss all of the necessary details about privacy with your client. Explain to them that they need to provide a valid form of identification and you should also agree to keep conversations confidential. This can include matters of their sexual desires as well as their financial information.

The second step is to make sure you use a secure platform for the session. There are a lot of software programs available to help facilitate cam sessions with security measures such as end-to-end encryption. This means that all of the data sent between you and your client will be encrypted and it will be virtually impossible for a third party to gain access to the data.

The third step is to take steps to protect your client’s financial information. Make sure that you do not accept any payments by methods such as cash or credit cards in person. It’s best to use an online platform such as PayPal or cryptocurrencies which provide enhanced privacy and security measures for transactions.

The fourth step is to make sure all of the videos and images you take during the session remain private. The best way to do this is to use a service that offers encrypted storage. This means that even if someone was able to access the images or videos they would not be able to view the content without the proper encryption key.

Finally, it is important to have a clear agreement with your client that specifies that all of the information and images will remain private. Make sure you have your clients sign a legally binding contract that outlines all of these factors, including requiring their consent prior to sharing any images or videos.

Following these four steps will ensure that your client’s privacy remains intact during and after the session. Having strong safeguards in place will help protect both your privacy and your clients, creating a safe and secure space for both parties.
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